Saturday, August 8, 2009

Movits! - Wrong side of the garden

Very original and funky piece from the sweedish swing/hip-hop group Movits!
You can't not like them, the beats are too cool, and if you thought i'd leave you with a cool sound and confused about what could it all mean, you were wrong.
Here are the lyrics (courtesy of lyricwiki):
Coming from the wrong part of the yard, from the other side of the track
I grew up with gypsies
playing accordion
wanting to tell my future
while my dad emptied a bottle of explorer [cheap vodka]
taught myself to play guitar and those chords
djangos quintett playing from the grammophone
with second hand suits in the closets
and brass bands live every night in the garden

it started out good but then the problems came
stepped in the shit early, and the tax bill
i mean the responsibilities
the justice system
the likelihood is small, the unemployment office admits
maybe one should change name or
sell the mobile home or
knock out the gold tooth
but some time the prejudice must be caught up with

You can call me an outsider
because i didn’t do what the others did when they did what people did back in the days
excuse if I interrupt
no, im not the neighbour above
but the old lady calls the cops every time and says that i make the noise

Coming from the right side of town
Thats the problem
I grew up in the nicest neighbourhoods
My daddy's a designer and more
My other dad is already late
Me, I was just a kid and adopted
So school was very hard and complicated
Because my classmates thought it was wrong that
And the teacher would soon retire
Not their fault that
Things turned out the way they did
according to recommendations from the holy scripture

johans dad “watch out, he’s the anti christ!”
according to miss teacher who tried to explain it sure
maybe we should have shot’er
or carried her out of th’re
now she’s dead and lies in the urn
but in some way the words still live on
Peace out

I barely have any time to listen to your criticism
not Lykke Li
but pretty happy [Lycklig]
so lady please give me a chance and listen to my music
but no
Not “when in rome”

If the spoon is silver I”ll take it when I come
They've said so many times
So thanks but no thanks, I”ll find the exit
But everything is just a dream

I’m swedish, so I skip the queue
I’m a man, too and I have a higher wage
As long as I'm not sitting unemployed

I like the opposite sex
So kid I’m hardly what you call a fag
But kid I might be what you call slow
cause I don’t understand what you’re saying even if I hear you

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  1. secventza video - super. impresionanata camera, dinamica si "cutting". textul - de citit dupa aia. dar muzica putin cam "monotona" pentru gustul meu.
    merci! ai gasit o perla